Mariel Black, Founder of Sinful Treats, Inc.

The Sinful Treats story began decades ago in my grandma’s kitchen where I spent a lot of weekends watching everyone cook and bake. The kitchen instantly became my favorite part of the house. My aunts were my baking gurus, teaching me all the basics. Years later, I discovered a passion for business and decided to combine it with my love for baking.

Sinful Treats was established in June of 2009 at the peak of a recession, starting with our first and only product, “Food for the Gods”. With the desire to bring people amazingly delicious treats along with exceptional service, Sinful Treats grew to become a full service bakery and catering company. In June 2015, we launched the first of our baking mixes, “Food for the Gods”. After all these years, “Food for the Gods” remains our number one customer favorite. The treat that started it all keeps on going!